Hart & Soul | Living on the edge of the visible world
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If you are looking for inspiration for life, leadership, creativity and especially living out your calling in God’s kingdom, then you are at the right place.

Mandi writes about life learnings from her perspective: as a mother, a leader, and someone growing daily as a follower of Jesus. Also check out her devotional posts.

Neil writes

about leadership, creativity, the kingdom, church and world missions. You’ll find ways to grow in each of these areas and hopefully some challenge to be the very best you can be.


We hope you enjoy!

Neil & Mandi


Neil: I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 20 years and a church-planter for the past 10. My longest effort in the same direction is Boomtown, a brand and advertising business. My passions are in leadership, strategy, creativity, and especially God’s Kingdom.

On the other hand I’m a follower of Jesus, and this leads all else in my life. I’m committed to seeing the kingdom of God come on earth and I’m pretty excited about that! I work with church leaders and missionaries, and most of my time is spent leading All Nations, a family of churches that trains and sends church planters to many places in the earth.

I’m a father of Matt and Emily

, husband to my best friend Mandi.


Mandi: I started life as a surfer, developed as a PR professional and found fulfilment in being a mother of 2 great kids after taking the leap to give up the other activities 🙂

Now Neil and I lead All Nations were we live out our calling as followers of Jesus. My gifting is evangelist/teacher and I find great fulfilment in pointing people towards their destiny and discipling them to live a life of purpose.