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Neil’s Blog

Neil AssegaisWelcome! I hope you enjoy your time here.

About Neil: I’m a trained creative, an entrepreneur and a church-planter. 21 years ago I founded Boomtown, a brand and advertising agency which is in 3 cities and employs 60 professionals. I am currently chairman of the business.

My ‘fulltime job’ over the past 2 years is leading All Nations in Cape Town, a volunteer-based NGO, church and missions family. We operate in 35 counties. We work mostly among the neglected people of the earth, amongst refugees and poor ‘townships’.

I do church-planting training, entrepreneurial skills development, speaking engagements and develop strategies for business that want to grow marketshare or their brand.

In all these aspects of my life God is at work. I follow Jesus daily, He leads, I follow. Its a beautiful dance with the Lord of life, the creator of heaven and earth. I invite you to join me as I share the wisdom, insights and growth I receive from Him in areas of Leadership, Creativity and the kingdom of God.